4 Ways to Increase Heat Pump Efficiency

A heat pump is an expensive alternative to the standard heating system. As rather than producing only warm air, a heat pump system can change its direction. It means, during the winter season, a heat pump works as a heating system and produces hot air. On the other hand, it behaves like an AC in summer and distributes cold air throughout your home.

However, if any problem arises with your heat pump, you can contact with JetAirCo Heat Pump Service in case you stay near Hauppauge, Smithtown, Northport, and Long Island, New York. However, by increasing the heat pump efficiency, you can avoid these unnecessary hassles of replacement or repairing. Continue reading and understand these four tactics to increase heat pump efficiency.

Adjust the Thermostat

Don’t hugely upward or downward the temperature settings of the thermostat. Bear in mind sudden upward or downward adjustment can enable the backup heater that can be incompetent. Hence, we advise you to consult with JetAirCo Heat Pump Repair Services and allow us to adjust the temperature setting.

Ensure that the Thermostat Correctly paired with the Heat Pump

In today’s era, most of the thermostats are designed to work with the heat pump. Also, these smart thermostats can run the heat pump effectively and circulate air throughout your house. However, some homeowners still use old thermostats. In case you are one among them, instantly install an advanced thermostat to operate the heat pump at its peak efficiency.

Inspect Air Filters Every Month

Another important thing that you must consider. Mold, debris, and dust can quickly accumulate over the air filter. As a result, your heat pump system might stop responding after a specific time. Hence, it’s highly recommended to check the air filter at least once a month. And do the suggested changes. However, if you are unsure how to do so, call jetAirCo Heat Pump Service and hand over the task to our professionals’ team.

Clean the Outdoor Coils

Check outdoor coils regularly and clean the outdoor coils with water to ensure that the unit’s airflow is not clogged by garbage, dirt, or any loose particles. Keep in mind cleaning the outdoor coils task must be performed only in the summer seasons. In case you see ice forms on the outside of the coil, you don’t have to do anything as it is normal. The heat pump system comes with a defrost cycle to melt the ice that will activate automatically and blend the ice within 10 minutes. While doing so, you will see streams from the outdoor unit. Don’t worry, as it’s a part of the procedure.

Increase your Heat Pump Efficiency with JetAirCo

If you thoroughly follow the given steps, you can increase your heat pump’s efficiency as well as add years to your heat pump’s lifecycle. However, if you don’t have depth technical knowledge, you can rely upon JetAirCo Heat Pump Repair Service and assure that your system is in the right hands. So, opt for our assistance if you live near Hauppauge, Smithtown, Northport, and Long Island, New York.

The writer of the content professionally belongs to the HVAC service. He wrote blogs to inform people about home heating and cooling systems.

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